Additional Services

The services mentioned here are optional. To use them, you will need to pay an extra fee in addition to the visa application fee. You can pay this extra fee when you attend the visa application centre. Applicants should collect and keep their receipts for these services

Services Description Service Fee PKR
Photo Booth Photo booth facility inside the centre as per the Netherlands visa photo specification 975 PKR / 4 Photos
Photo Copy Photocopier facility 20 PKR / Page
Courier Return Have your passport couriered back to you instead of collecting it from the VAC. 2,750 PKR
Form filling Personalised assistance in the completion of your application form 3312 PKR
Out of hours passport collection Collect your application outside of normal working hours 1,563 PKR

Form Filling Service

A personalized service provided by VAC staff to assist you with the completion of your application form at the application centre.

Our staff will help you to complete the visa application form, asking the exact questions on the form, and recording the answers verbatim in the applicant’s own words. It is really important to note that we will not be offering advice. Our staff will ask you what category you are applying in and then you will be asked each and every question and we will enter the exact answer on the form.

Before finalising the form our staff will read the entered information back to you and will ask you to sign a disclaimer to confirm that all the answers are correct.

Using the Form Filling service does not imply or guarantee in any way that your visa application will be successful. All applicants must meet the requirements of the relevant immigration rules.

SMS Service

We are pleased to be able to offer an SMS service which updates customers in Pakistan on the progress of their visa applications. The easy to use SMS service sends an automated message to the applicant's mobile phone at various stages of the visa application process. This is followed up with an automated email message to the applicant's email informing them of the status of their visa application. Please note that the SMS service provides information about the stage your application is in, but no information will be given via SMS or e-mail about the outcome of the decision on your visa application. You will only be notified about the decision that has been made when your passport is returned to you. The SMS service is available in English and Urdu.

This optional service can be purchased for PKR 394 when you submit your visa application. Please read the disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.

Note: This value added service is available in Pakistan (Local SMS only).

Courier Return Service

Have your passport couriered back to you instead of collecting it from the VAC.

The visa application centre will courier the decision on your visa application, documents and passport back to you. You can buy the service at the visa application centre for a fee of 2,750 PKR (all applicable taxes included). Please enquire about this service when you submit your visa application at one of the service desks.